Time Line

qzheng14 [at] illinois [dot] edu

I’m a 2nd Ph.D. student in Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Champaign advised by Professor Yun Huang. Prior to joining UIUC, I had worked as a director of Data Science department in a B2B AI company and with its AI Lab in China for three years (2016-2019). I obtained my Master’s degree from School of Journalism and Communication from The Chinese University of Hong kong, advised by Professor Hsuan-Ting Chen. My industrial experience has packed me up with comprehensive knowledge as well as the barriers and challenges regarding big data applications. In the meantime, it allows me to see and to be fascinated by the great promise and capacity of data science in providing interdisciplinary means and perspectives to tap into puzzling research questions in social science as well as in natural science domains.

My current research research interest is Human-Chatbot Interaction. I design Intelligent Social Chatbots to effectively collaborate with people to promote interpersonal communications, moderate social discussions and regulate social interactions. I also study works from both the HCI community and industrial practices to propose frameworks addressing problems in Human-AI interactions. I believe that the leveraging of AI power is grounded on a thorough understanding of what intelligent systems could do and how we could wisely use them to achieve our goals.

  • SEPTEMBER 2019

    My new journey starts here:~)

  • May 2019

    First conference presentation at the 69th International Communication Association Conference.

  • Business visit to the World Bank at Washington D.C. with officer Mr.Gao.

  • March 2019

    Business meeting with Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Peterson on sentiment analysis in financial market. Cheers!

  • January 2019

    It’s so hard to say goodbye. So grateful to have you, my team. I wish you all the best luck in your future career path!

  • November 2018

    At Stanford University! I present the research findings from our Global Risk Report(2018) and market psychology research progress supported by our AI financial platform – Jove Arch!

  • Welcome to our US branch at Silicon Valley! :~)

  • October 2018

    I was a student from Professor Chen’s class. Today I come back to this class and give a lecture on how Big data empowers journalism. Many Thanks to Professor Chen!

  • September 2018

    Introducing our research projects at Tsinghua University!

  • September 2018

    Feel so honored to talk with Professor Feifei Li at The Summer Davos of the 2018 World Economic Forum! Get inspired! We are Women in Tech!

  • March 2018

    Monthly training sessions across departments.

  • December 2017

    Meeting with IBT Media (Newsweek) Dev (CEO), Edward(CMO) and Dayan(CCO). Let’s make some noise!

  • Meet with AI Financial Lab at Georgia State University, Atlanta. Sparkles!