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Conversational Agent: Pocketbot

Zheng, Q., Markazi, D. M., Tang, Y., & Huang, Y. (2021). ” PocketBot Is Like a Knock-On-the-Door!”: Designing a Chatbot to Support Long-Distance Relationships. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction5(CSCW2), 1-28.

AI Engine: Jove arch

JoveArch is an AI-based financial platform designed to provide secure multi-algorithm modeling services in the cloud. As a next-generation quantitative computing engine, JoveArch employs enhanced analysis, artificial intelligence, and data governance strategies, and can be applied to investment transactions, commodity research, industry regulation. JoveArch received $20M financing on Product Launch (B2B). Patents: (1) Methods and Algorithm of Measuring the Global Risk Perception Index Based on News and Social Media Data. (2) Sentiment Analysis Methods and Systems for Financial Market. (3) Establishing a Method and System for Market Sentiment Monitoring. Role: Chief product designer.

Data Service: Yeesight

YeeSight is a data platform providing one-and-for-all information processing solutions for in-depth analysis of cross-language texts. It leverages a global multilingual text database(news & social media) with hundreds of billions of entries to build multilingual natural language processing algorithms for word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, sensitivity analysis, sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, key word extraction, text classification, text quality assessment, hotspot clustering, event element extraction, and knowledge graph building (B2B). Role: Product operating manager

AI Editing: Smart News Base

Smart News Base is an AI-driven data platform providing one-stop news editing services for journalists. Its intelligent writing feature is supported by the large-scale news and social media cross-languages sources. Based on neural network machine translation, it also benefits editors in global news reporting. “Feng mian xin wen” is using it! (B2B). Role: Product designer

VR: News Credibility

From 1999-2017, news credibility dropped for 13% in newspaper and 12% for TV news(Swift, 2017). This project was the first of this kind to investigate VR news credibility. The topic was timely in 2016, the beginning of the VR heat. I conducted an experiment examining the sense of presence in virtual reality news (VR news), TV news, and text news with 142 university students. I investigated the influence on perceived credibility, news appeal, social media engagement, learning effects, and immersive tendency. Master Degree Thesis; Paper published at the 69th ICA conference (2019)

VR: informal reading

Learning in Virtual Reality is a new trend for immersive and distance learning. VR tracking systems and interaction designs have been widely developed and applied in industries and disciplines. The goal of this project was to investigate VR+reading. We looked at how users interact in a virtual environment impacting their behaviors and user learning experience. Role: Collaborator in experiment design; Paper published at 22nd HCI International (2020).

AR: Concepts learning

This project is about Augmented Reality in situational teaching. We designed and developed an AR application for Chinese ancient poetry teaching. The application designed presents a scene depicted of the ancient poem Jiangxue, accompanied by music and recitation sound. The core of situational teaching is to arouse students’ emotions which is widely applicable to ancient poetry teaching. The traditional teaching method of ancient poetry often disintegrates the poems, making it difficult for students to apprehend the reason or be touched by the scene depicted. Chinese ancient poetry teaching should pay more attention to the understanding of image and artistic conception as well as the aesthetic cultivation. Role: AR content design

Data Analysis: The Global Risk report

The Global Risk research project processed the unstructured data worldwide into structured data with AI technologies (data mining, text mining, and machine learning). By early corpus tagging, we subdivided major global risks from June 2017 to May 2018 into 30 subclasses according to the World Economic Forum, set up the data model of global risk, and carried out network analysis. In the analysis, we mapped out possibilities and forecasted the potential influences in future years. A report was released at “Rise of Data Democracy”, the 2018 World Economic Forum Summer Davos in Tianjin. Role: Director.

Data Analysis: Social Media Analysis

This project explored information dissemination in mobile social networks. The methods used could be useful for organizations to analyze and identify problems in online public opinion dissemination. Two topics were studied, one was “Virtual Reality Brands Community”, the other was “Network Attack”. Papers published on Information Discovery and Delivery(2020) and Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery(2019). Role: Collaborator in data analysis.

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