Hi there!

I am Qing. 🙂

I am a  Human-Computer Interaction designer/researcher. My expertise lies in designing human-AI interactions. 

Qing-xiao Zheng, Ph.D. candidate

School of Information Sciences, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Area

I design and evaluate intelligent social systems. For example, AI agents are created to communicate with, collaborate with, and augment people; and to make our life and work better and more enjoyable. I am interested in advancing conversational agents to improve interpersonal communication, moderate social interactions, and mitigate biases and risks.

Work Experience

Currently, I have finished my 3rd year as a Ph.D. student in Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Champaign advised by Professor Yun Huang. Prior to joining UIUC, I had worked as a director of the Data Science department in a B2B AI company and with its AI Lab in China for three years (2016-2019). I obtained my Master’s degree from the School of Journalism and Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, advised by Professor Hsuan-Ting Chen.

Why PhD?

My industrial experience has packed me up with comprehensive knowledge as well as the barriers and challenges regarding big data applications. In the meantime, it allows me to see and to be fascinated by the great promise and capacity of data science in providing interdisciplinary means and perspectives to tap into puzzling research questions in social science as well as in natural science domains.

Fun-Fact About My Name (郑晴晓)

Qing-xiao pronounces like “ching sh-ih-ow”

It stands for “sunny morning” – I was born in the early morning of the summer You can always call me Qing /tʃɪŋ/.